Engage customers with the power of digital workflows

Bring front, middle & back offices together

Customer Service Management (CSM) from POPX is so much more than just ticketing. Proactively address issues before customers know about them and automate common requests. Standardise customer service delivery onto a single platform that energises staff and delights customers.

Collaboration across operational teams

Connect teams

Automate processes from the front office to the back. Intelligently route tasks to the best employee and group similar cases to streamline resolution.

Proactive issue resolutions for service providers

Proactive resolution

Monitor services to identify problems and notify impacted customers. Fix issues faster by analysing workflow trends to increase automation and efficiency.

Service provider customers can quickly find answers to questions on any device

Expand self-service

Automate common customer requests, provide answers with an AI-powered chatbot, and empower agents with an intelligent workspace.

The complete CSM managed service

POPX has the CSM solution you need to deliver the most advanced customer experience. Our fully managed and integrated service is delivered faster than any other transformation method and at a fixed price.

What successful transformation looks like:

  1. Consolidate disparate tools & data.
  2. Integrate internal and supplier systems.
  3. Automate tasks and processes so customers can self-serve.
  4. Liberate sales growth opportunities.
We deliver success

With our background as transformation and ServiceNow experts, we fully understand what it takes to create efficient operations to increase EBITDA that liberates new growth opportunities. 

Fully managed service

We take care of everything for you, including the integrations and workflows required to run the most complete CSM Platform that sets you apart from your competitors. By making customers feel they are in control of their relationship with you and are empowered to self-serve, see more and do more, you make it easy for them to buy more.

What's included:
  • All integrations.

  • Workflow design, build & management.

  • All software development & enhancements.

  • Fully managed service & ongoing maintenance.

  • An engaged partner that will provide expert guidance & knowledge transfer.

Capability improvements

  • Manage case flows across teams by digitising & automating service processes.
  • Monitor your customers’ products & services to identify issues & proactively fix them.
  • Unlock insights to anticipate trends, prioritise resources & drive service improvements.
  • Expand omni-channel service by engaging customers through their preferred messaging channels.
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  • Use machine learning to route issues, recommend solutions & identify self-service & case trends.
  • Easy integration with partner & third-party applications including computer telephony integration (CTI) software & platforms.
  • Drive self-service from a portal integrated with knowledge, service catalogs, communities & chatbots.
  • Modern customer experience with personalised mobile apps, self-service portals & contextual collaboration.

Case management

Customise case forms as needed to track only necessary details and activities related to resolving the issue. UI elements, like picklists and selectors make data collection easy for the agent and consistent for later analysis. All communications to and from the customer, including the communication channels being used, are also recorded.

  • Self-service.

  • Virtual Agent.

  • Agent Workspace.

  • Customer Central.

  • Predictive Intelligence.

  • Knowledge Management.

  • Advanced Work Assignment.

  • Playbooks for Customer Service.
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Knowledge Management

Provide consistent, proven resolutions for your customers and employees to boost self-service. Empower agents to create articles in the context of their work and harvest knowledge from communities. Identify knowledge gaps, curate new content and track usage, governance and quality trends.

  • Article Versioning.
  • Knowledge Harvesting.
  • Analytics & Dashboards.
  • Knowledge Demand Insights.
  • Knowledge-Centered Service.
  • In-Context Knowledge Creation.
  • Knowledge Feedback Management.
  • Authoring with Microsoft Word Online.
Problem Solving

Customer Project Management

View your entire project lifecycle and empower customers and agents to manage tasks. Create a project for a customer account from a project template, identify the project tasks, identify the account contacts that have access to a project and assign tasks to internal users, customer contacts and customer partner contacts.

  • Save a customer project as a template.

  • Create a case for a project or project task.

  • Add comments & attachments to a case or task.

  • Easily view customer projects, cases & tasks for an account or contact.

  • Create project change requests & project issues for a case or project task.

Project Organise

Self-Service Customer Portal

Customers can maintain their profile, including products and services in-use, to help personalise their self-service experience across channels. New cases can be opened online, existing case status can be checked and updated and prior cases can be reviewed. The service portal can also serve as the launching point for all other self-service options.

  • Agent chat.

  • Mobile friendly. 

  • Self-service for fast action.

  • Promotes accuracy & speed.
  • Modern, easy-to-use experience.
  • Meet expectations of the customer.
  • One unified portal for all customer interactions.
  • Complete transparency in provisioning, support & billing.
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