Increase resource capacity up-to 40%

The most affordable way to access transformation technology for service providers

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POPX represents the most affordable way to access transformation technology, specifically designed for service providers.
Achieving the highest levels of service quality and better cost controls, means the desired performance outcomes you seek can be achieved faster than with any alternative deployment method.
Automated event and service monitoring with automatic ticketing

Superior monitoring & response

Automated event and service monitoring with automatic ticketing, assignment, customer notification, testing and automated resolution where possible.

Enhanced customer experience that leaves your competitors behind

Enhanced customer experience

Fully functional, integrated customer portal providing full visibility of ordering, provisioning, service performance, reporting and billing.

Increase business agility and scale with optimised resources

Increased business agility

Ability to scale exponentially with optimised resources. Integrate easily with new internal or third party provisioning and orchestration platforms. Provide a full cloud-based service catalogue.

Forrester Total Economic Impact Study

Forrester Total Economic Impact Study for ServiceNow

High performance outcomes:

  1. Full transparency in ordering, provisioning, monitoring & billing.

  2. Efficiently integrate project management.

  3. Automated service reports.

  4. Internal & external simultaneous chat capability.

  5. Knowledge base integrated with customer portal.

  6. Leverage portal to promote new products & services.

Streamline end-user incidents & requests

Streamline end-user incidents & requests


Reduction in touches

More efficient IT back-office operations


Improvement in fulfiller efficiency

Increased time on process improvement


Four days per week Vs one

Lower infrastructure costs

Reduce license & maintenance



Cost avoidance per upgrade

$300k - $500k

No new functionality

Fully automated services

Remove human touches from 000s of interactions


Zero touch requests

Increased uptime

Reduce P1 incidents



Time to resolve P1 incidents



End-user productivity

Save end-users 15 minutes per request


Hours per quarter

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The Total Economic Impact of Customer Service Management by Forrester

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