We take care of the complex

Digital Transformation built on ServiceNow

Transformation that works for you

We believe wrapping digital platforms in a managed services layer is the best way to deploy, enhance and maintain complex technologies, de-risking change and resulting in superior outcomes.

We’ll get you onboarded, your people trained and ready for launch faster than you can imagine.

Best practice deployment to de-risk your investment


We use best practice methods to ensure deployment in three-four months, faster than any service provider can transform themselves or with the help of expensive professional services. POPX represents the quickest and most assured pathway to get you on your transformation journey.

Continually develop, innovate and optimise the platform


Continuous optimisation of your operations is what we’re all about. We’ll work with you as your long-term partner to help find efficiencies wherever we can and support your change initiatives and wider business strategies. Our mantra is “develop once, deploy to everyone” so all customers automatically benefit from new ideas and innovations.

Fully managed to ensure all maintenance and upgrade needs are catered for


We’re always here monitoring and checking on your platform performance. You get all the regular updates as well as any functional upgrades that we develop as part of our roadmap or requested by customers. Automated reports give a full status and health check of your operations that can be shared with senior management.

Why a fully managed service is better

  • We refuse to leave you at the mercy of the professional services industry.
  • Fixed monthly fee includes everything - no nasty surprises.
  • Continuous optimisation is part of the transformation journey we're on together.
  • Increase staff efficiency & productivity with rapid issue resolution.
  • Ready made platform & best practice deployment means we get you started faster.
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  • Managed service approach is the best way to assure transformation with successful outcomes.
  • We'll work with you to streamline & automate your processes, decreasing cost to serve.
  • Always know the full status & health of your operations with automated reports.
  • All customers benefit from new ideas and innovations on the POPX platform.

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