Scale and support operations with end-to-end digital workflows


Enhanced capabilities that efficiently scale

If you’re struggling under the burden of too much to monitor, too many tools and too many manual processes then POPX can help. Cut costs by replacing legacy processes with end-to-end digital workflows and self-service tools. Be more agile, so you can quickly adapt to market demands and deliver technology services efficiently.

Uninterrupted service

Automated case workflows help you stay one step ahead of service disruptions. Empower support staff to detect threats before they become major events.

Monitor service health

Replace disparate support applications and expensive customised support systems with an automation-driven solution that reduces costs and elevates the customer experience.

Fast customer onboarding

Provide a seamless end-to-end experience by integrating customer onboarding functionality into a self-service portal, with all the relevant customer information and order details.

Better service outcomes

  • At-a-glance visibility into operations to detect potential service impacts before they become major issues.
  • Scale support operations for a growing customer base.
  • Self-service customer portal with exceptional customer experience.
  • Increase staff efficiency & productivity with rapid issue resolution.
  • Be a leader in service excellence in your market sector.
Increase operational capacity and efficiency to create better service outcomes

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