Increase resource capacity up-to 40% and turn customers into ambassadors

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Scale with profit

Rapidly consolidate disparate tools to a single system of action in the cloud. Harness your shared data with the most trusted IT service workfows. Remove the cost, complexity and errors associated with using multiple tools to manage and support customers and turn them into loyal brand ambassadors.

Implement higher standards for your customer service teams

Higher standards

Increase the quality of work with less time to complete tasks accurately and to the satisfaction of the customer.

Give employees the tools to make them successful and fully engaged with your clients

Employee engagement

With improving customer satisfaction and Net Promoter scores, employees will feel rewarded and motivated to do more.

Turn customers into ambassadors that continue to buy as you capture more market opportunity

More opportunity

Leverage capacity to quickly add new services to your catalogue and capture more market opportunity.

Smart MSP capabilities with POPX:

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  • Self-service.
  • Automated diagnostics.
  • CMDB driven monitoring.
  • Automated service reports.
  • Customer central dashboard.
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Customer Survey
  • Multichannel customer service.
  • One customer portal for everything.
  • Automated CMDB & asset population.
  • Automated provisioning & de-provisioning.
  • eBonding & integrations to suppliers & customers.
  • Service assurance workfows, playbooks & guided decisions.

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