Focus Group targets POPX for Transformative Service Management

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The POPX MSP Platform will be a key growth enabler for Focus Group by consolidating siloed IT systems into one single solution

Focus logo v2Leading independent managed service provider of essential business technology, Focus Group, has selected POPX's fully managed and integrated MSP Platform to enable cost-efficient growth across its business. After rapid expansion, both organically and through several acquisitions, the existing systems and tooling at Focus Group required a refresh to better align with the company’s forward-looking strategy and acquisition integration plans.

Focus Group needed a holistic solution to keep pace with its dynamic ambitions while modernising its operations with advanced service management techniques that could then be used to harmonise all acquired companies onto one platform. By unifying standards and ways of working across the Group in this way, the company would set itself up to continue to grow at a significant pace. They selected ServiceNow to provide an operational backbone across the business, delivering enhanced employee and customer experiences.Screenshot A journey to profitable digital transformation

Focus Group were then advised to speak with POPX by knowledgeable people in the industry, who were aware of the work they were doing with other managed service provider clients. With more than 700 exceptional individuals working across the UK, over 25,000 customers and multiple acquisitions to integrate, Focus Group had a specific type of engagement in mind for their ServiceNow implementation partner. This meant a team approach was preferred, allowing for the development of people and a clear technology roadmap to enable their business plan.

Chris Wild HeadshotChris Wild, Group Operations Director at Focus Group, said: “I didn’t want an implementation partner that would ask us what we wanted them to build and then they would build it. I wanted a partnership centred around the creation of business value, with the same experts that would look after us for the long term, guide us on best practices every step of the way and who would challenge us when we asked for something – either because they had a better way or didn’t think we needed it. We had greenfield areas that needed to be mapped out entirely, so it was important to work with a partner with the capability to bring recommendations to the table. A managed service with POPX means they help us de-risk the adoption of a complex technology that facilitates digital transformation and the integration of acquisitions. The same experts who design and build the platform also manage it every day.”

Focus Group worked hard to make sure everyone within the business was bought into the change programme. They designed and implemented a multifaceted strategy of employee communication and engagement, that included discovery workshops, question and answer sessions, workflow process analysis, and even taking the time to define who Focus is as a company and how they want to work. Joanna Johnston, Head of Service Operations at Focus Group said: “Our agents have already noticed a big difference moving to ServiceNow. We made sure to include a lot of internal preparation to bring them along with the change because we recognised it can be a difficult transition for some. As we move forward with wider adoption of service automation, we anticipate continued reductions in the number of inbound support calls and emails, allowing us to channel more of our energy into proactive outbound activities that improve the customer experience and develop relationships further.”

Focus Group Go Live Cake 1POPX has designed its MSP Platform to accelerate and de-risk digital transformation for Smart MSPs by enabling them to onboard ServiceNow at speed, with greater transparency on costs, timescales and added value. The MSP Platform allows tech service providers to consolidate applications, integrate internal and supplier systems, and deliver service automation for key processes. The fully managed service from POPX includes all integrations, development and enhancements, upgrades and maintenance, as well as training and the day-to-day support of running a complex technology.  

Martin 2Martin Ford, CEO at POPX, said: “We’ve been very impressed with the attitude, professionalism and quality of the people at Focus Group. They have a very practical and effective approach to transformation, which means we work well together as a team. I know they will continually challenge and push us to do more with ServiceNow, as they look to better serve their customers and continually improve to differentiate themselves. Everyone we encounter at Focus is passionate about the work they do and the service they provide, and we’re extremely pleased to help enable the company to deliver on their ambitious plans over the coming years.”

Wild Concludes: “We are building a templated approach to how we onboard and harmonise acquisitions, now and in the future. We have already identified areas for new product additions and market growth moving forward, made possible by a comprehensive technology roadmap for ServiceNow. We’ve been able to push hard on the timescales for implementation, the ongoing integration of acquisitions and development of the platform because we have POPX alongside us.”

servicenow new logo1024-upThe POPX MSP Platform is powered by ServiceNow

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