CSI partners with POPX to implement MSP Platform

CSI partners with POPX to implement MSP Platform

CSI modernises the customer experience through digital transformation



CSI, a provider of world-class IT managed services, has made a strategic commitment to invest in ServiceNow for true end-to-end digital transformation. New digital workflows, service automation and modernised customer engagement portals will deliver great experiences and unlock productivity. This will streamline CSI’s service delivery management processes while enabling advanced customer service. Business customers rely on Managed Service Providers (MSPs) for reliable and fast services to ensure they stay connected and competitive in a cost-effective way. This initiative will protect the interests of CSI’s clients for years to come.

The POPX MSP Platform - powered by ServiceNow - is designed to accelerate and de-risk digital transformation for Smart MSPs, at a fixed cost. By improving employee and customer experiences through service automation, the platform will deliver increased transparency in provisioning, support and billing via a self-service customer portal. This has the combined benefit of improving the responsiveness and accuracy of all client interactions. The ServiceNow-powered MSP Platform will be the foundation for operational excellence and future growth.

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Matt McCahill CSI Chief Services OfficerMatt McCahill, Chief Services Officer at CSI, said: “As a successful and ambitious global business, we’re focused on making sure our clients always get the best experience when interacting with us. A modern enterprise service management platform scaled for growth takes CSI to the next level of customer experience. This was the imperative behind our decision to invest in ServiceNow, the most advanced service management and process automation technology available. Our new partnership with POPX will help deliver value faster from the investment with a solution that is designed and ready for our industry sector. This represents an exciting opportunity for everyone at CSI and our clients alike, enabling us to be more proactive with our growing client base, increasing service levels, loyalty and retention.”

POPX partnership puts CSI's clients central to  digital strategy

The POPX MSP Platform will enable CSI to be onboarded faster, with a clear understanding of timescales and associated value. This approach significantly reduces risk, compared with running an internal project or using traditional professional services resources. The fully managed service from POPX includes all integrations, enhancements, upgrades and maintenance, as well as the day-to-day support of running such a sophisticated platform.

Martin Ford, CEO at POPX, states: “We’re delighted to be working with CSI in close partnership to deliver on their desired business outcomes. For large and established MSPs, it can be difficult to increase resource capacity without significantly adding to their costs. By leveraging POPX know-how to harness the substantial power of ServiceNow, that is exactly what we intend to achieve.”

Simon Fisk CEO at CSI

Simon Fisk, Group Chief Executive at CSI, concludes: “At CSI, we focus on empowering our people to deliver the highest levels of customer service as responsively and efficiently as possible. This steered us towards the decision to select ServiceNow as the right choice to build our digital provenance upon. I’m pleased that in POPX we have found the right partner to collaborate with on this important journey.”

servicenow new logo1024-upThe POPX MSP Platform is powered by ServiceNow

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